To my yola website, dedicated to SeaWorld, killer whales and my future job. Yep, that's right, I hope to be (No, I WILL be) the greatest, awesomest, killerwhale trainer E-V-E-R! It has been my dream since I was 3 or 4. My babysitter used to play Shamu and SeaWorld in the pool with me. That was just after I had gone to SeaWorld for my first time. Now, many years later, I have an extremely large killer whale collection. Stuffed animals, plastic whales, snowglobes, wood-carved whales, jewelry, maps from SeaWorld San Diego, posters, and much much more! I even have a couple old wristbands, and my platinum passport!
On this site, you will find pages about specific whales at specific parks(They aren't all named Shamu!) and about my experiences with whales and dolphins. School's a big thing in my life, so I won't be on here everyday, just on the weekends. It'll take me awhile to get the site up and running, along with all the work I have to do to create pages about the whales. Feel free to give me a PM or post on this page!
I do tend to switch between 'orca' and 'killer whale' to have a varitey. :P

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